Should You Buy or Rent A Walkie Talkie?

The walkie talkie is a popular choice when teamwork and coordination require communication without smartphones. Two-way radios are portable and allow hand-free communication. Many companies do not allow employees to use their personal phones during working hours and therefore radio-based communication among team members on the field is an efficient way. However, not all circumstances…


How to assemble a Cable TV connection?

If you do not want to spend money on hiring a professional service provider for installing your cable TV connection and wish to spend a fun evening figuring your way out on an interesting project, we are here to help. Understanding what different types of coaxial cables and connectors are available is important when specifying…


Understanding Different Types of Coaxial Cable Connectors

Connectors are small metallic cylindrical bolt like objects designed to connect the coaxial cables with devices. They are designed to minimize loss of signal and ensure the best shielding while the connection is established.  A high-quality connector will be able to deliver a reliable long-lasting connection.  Basic terminology about coaxial connectors If you are new…


How to Install F-Connectors on Coaxial Cable Like a Pro

Coaxial cables are designed to carry high-frequency signals with low interference and minimum loss of signals so that a weak signal can be transmitted in the highest possible quality. Coaxial cables are connected to the television or any other output device via a connector. These connectors are usually made from high conductivity metals to ensure…


How Cable Televisions and Coaxial Cables Work?

Commercial cable televisions are no more a luxury but are now part of our daily life, they bring us news, entertainment, and much more. With the increase of program options, the cable system of bandwidth has also increased. The cables that enable the transmission of these broadcasts are the same one used to establish broadband…


JING TONG JT-189, MCMC approved Affordable Two-way Radio

Handheld two-way radios also called walkie talkies are a great way of communication, however not all devices are the same. Some walkie talkies have more features than others, some offer better coverage or better connectivity and cool walkie talkie acessories. However, another important factor when purchasing two-way radio devices is your budget. While looking for…


KIRISUN TM840 Gateway – A Technology to Upgrade Your System

Two-way radios enable features like group calls are the most affordable options for mission-critical communication. However, with different brand marketing products with varied features, it gets tough to bring all devices from one brand together. This could make an otherwise affordable option of radio-based communication expensive. It can sound daunting when dealing with different formats,…