• LMR-1200

Times Microwave products have received certifications and awards for various outstanding products’ quality and features. Time Microwave Cables, connectors, cable assemblies, assembly tools and various other products are available at many sources. Most of the cables are available in flame retardant versions that are ultra-flexible.

LMR standard is designed for outdoor use that can work for 20 years as its bending and handling features are much better than others. LMR cables are designed for outdoor use and the material used in them is capable of resisting UV and have life expectancy of 20 years.

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Flexibility is one of the outstanding qualities of LMR-400 cables. These cables work much better than other cables of similar size and performance.

  • LMR-DB has advantage of being watertight that ensures reliable quality. It is also suitable for outdoor use and its outstanding features prevent it from damage during installation or in the future.
  • LMR-FR is a fire retardant cable, suitable for in-building runs, dropped ceilings or raised floors.
  • Flexibility is among the hallmarks of LMR cable design.
  • LMR-FR-PVC is a general purpose indoor cable that is suitable for indoor use. These cables are less expensive than LMR-FR.
  • LMR-PVC is designed for general purpose indoor/outdoor applications and is more flexible than standard LMR.
  • LMR-PVC-W is suitable for marine and other indoor or outdoor applications.
  • Low loss RF cable is suitable for in-building systems.
  • FR is a fire retardant cable suitable for in-building runs.

Times Microwave leaky feeder cables, connectors, lightening protection components and other tools required for these cables are also available at various sources.

Phase Stable and Temperature Stable RF Cables:

For phase critical applications Times Microwave cables provide two different solutions:

  1. Times Microwave cables possess phase stability during flexure that gives excellent stability of amplitude and VSWR with repeated flexure.
  2. Time Microwaves cables provide highest stability of phase verses temperature.

These cables can stand up in tough operating conditions and requirements and are suitable for military applications. Its products are also used in railway and automotive transportation applications, manufacturing, and for many other applications. A wide variety of Time Microwave connectors are available including a variety of solder or non-solder center pins.

Times Microwave system has more than 50 years’ experience in building high quality cables. These cables are used to get reliable performance that stands up in severe environment. Moreover, they are suitable for many applications.

Time microwave adapters are used by many commercial and military customers to accomplish their testing requirements. These adapters stand up to even severe conditions. Times Microwave connectors are an excellent choice to support field maintenance.

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